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Audios on: Teachings from NTI

These audios are based on teachings from The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of the New Testament aka NTI, as well as on A Course in Miracles.
Note: I did a 3 month teaching on NTI Luke and that is posted here on this blog
under audios on: NTI Luke

22) Recorded on 11-20-11, 57 min.
Distractions, Practice & Devotion
This is on the ways we beat up on ourselves and how to stop.  Linked to Course Note #129:


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21) Recorded on 11-13-11, 26 min.
This audio is on NTI Revelation, Chapter 4
It turned out to be a powerful teaching on how to let go of the belief in separation.  Also explores the teaching from ACIM on: "makes this year different by making it all the same."


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20) Recorded on 7/17/11, 59 min.
Know thy Self: Letting go of the belief in separation


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19) Recorded on 7/3/11, 59 min
Living in Purpose


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18) Recorded on 6/28/11, 55 min.
Questions about the Body


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17) Recorded on 6/19/11, 56 min.
Practicing Remembrance
linked to Course Note #108


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16) Recorded on 6/12/11, 57 min.
Letting go of Struggle


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15) Recorded on 6/6/11, 55 min.
No Longer a Victim: Reversing Cause & Effect


14) Recorded on 6/5/11, 57 min.
Letting go of thinking mind -- part deux

13) Recorded on 5/29/11, 53 min.
This a powerful teaching on :Why Should I let go of "my" thinking? 
12) Recorded on 5/15/11, 56 min.
In this audio I include teachings from NTI and ACIM, and share some of my new discoveries on how 
to change long held areas of frustration and struggle. Teachings on:  How Can I See Differently?

*  Why Do I See the Way I See?
* What Can I learn from What I See?
* How Can my Misperceptions be  Corrected?



11) Recorded on 5/8/11, 55 min.
How Can I be Useful?
This includes teachings from not only NTI and ACIM, but Messages given to Regina as well.


10) Recorded on 5/3/11, 55 min.
How to Let Go of Guilt.
This includes powerful teachings from NTI and ACIM on:
* How holding onto unworthiness and guilt hinders our ability to hear and act on Holy Spirit's guidance.
* Why do I feel guilty?
* Powerful practices for letting go of the feelings of guilt/fear/unworthiness/lack/limitation...
This is linked to Course Note #104 on: Got Guilt:

9) Recorded on 4/26/11, 57 min.
This is a powerful teaching on Letting go of Unworthiness, includes teachings throughout NTI.  This is also linked to "Course Note" #109 found at:
Looking at Unworthiness


8) Recorded on 4/24/11 to an internet audience, 54.min
Includes teachings throughout NTI and ACIM on the ways we consistently crucify ourselves and how we can awaken to the Truth of Who we Are.  Also includes teachings on dealing with lack and limitation and so much more.  This is a powerful teaching.
How to Stop Crucifying Yourself


7) Recorded on 4/17/11 to an internet audience: 54 min.
How Can I Increase My Willingness?


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6) Recorded on 4/10/11 to an internet audience: 49 min.
Includes teachings from various places in NTI and ACIM:
Letting go of Resistance


5) Recorded on 4/3/11 to an internet audience: 53 min.
NTI 1 Thessalonians: Let Peace be Your Guide


4) Recorded on 2/6/11 to an internet audience: 49 min.
NTI 1 Corinthians
Great Stuff on dealing with the thoughts we spin about what others think of us,
and learning to release toxic thoughts.


3) Recorded on 2/13/11 to an internet audience, 58  min.
NTI 2 Corinthians, Chapters 1-5
This contains some fantastic material on the idea of giving *everything* in our lives the purpose of healing.  Also contains teaching on cause and effect, and so much more. Wow!


2) This Audio was recorded to an internet audience on 12/12/10 and is 55 min.
Great material on Abundance from NTI 2 Peter

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1) This audio was recorded to an internet audience on 12/5/10 and is 57 min.
This is Very Exciting Material from NTI James!  Such a simple spiritual practice.
I've entitled it: What Do I Want Now?

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