Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Audios on: Healing Relationships

10)Hi Friends,
Over the years in my practice, I have many conversations with people about family relationships.  I have found it so interesting that so many of our family stories are the same.  In my teaching today, to my surprise what came through is a talk on the healing I have gained through the pain in my family relationships. Several of the people present during my talk really related to what I had to say and asked me to be sure to post this audio.  I am posting it in the hopes that it may help others navigate through painful family relationships.  Much love! 

This audio was recorded to an internet audience on Sunday, 3/17/13:


    MP3 File


9) Recorded on 12/15/09, 49 min
What Will My Future Hold?
This contains much material about healing relationships
especially focuses on family relationships

MP3 File

8) Recorded on 9/28/10, 1 hr and 6 min
Healing the Wounds from the Past:
subtitled: Teach Me to Forgive

MP3 File

7) Audio recorded to an internet audience on Valentine's Day
2-14-2010 and is 59 min.
Playing Hide and Seek with Love

MP3 File

6) Audio recorded to an internet audience on Valentine's Day
2-14-08 and is 38 min.
Special/Holy Relationships
MP3 File

5) Audio recorded to an internet audience on 11-5-09 -- 56 min.

Everyday Forgiveness
gives us another way to
look at, well, everything!

this audio is linked to "course note" #29
MP3 File

4) Audio recorded to an internet audience on 10-30-09 and is 45 min.
While doing this talk, I lost the internet connection perhaps
10+ times. Several asked for the audio and I realized that the
talk flowed well despite the distractions. I did edit much of that
out, so if some parts sound a little disjointed...that's why.

It Only Takes One to Heal a Relationship
Using our judgments and grievances as
opportunities to choose happiness.

MP3 File

3) These two were recorded for a live audience 5/1998

Special Relationships 29 min.

MP3 File

Holy Relationships 27 min.
MP3 File

2) Recorded for an internet audience on 3/1/07 -- 44 min.

Love has Freed Me
alternate title: Please, Send me someone to Love
This is linked to "course note" #47, found at
MP3 File


1) Recorded for a live audience on 5/03 -- 35 min.

Healthy Boundaries
MP3 File

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