Monday, May 27, 2013

Audios on: Getting to know your true Self

The basic tenet in most all religions and spiritual paths is that of: Know thy Self

Recently, as I have been moved to go deeper into several practices that facilitate this, I am also being inspired to began a series on: Getting to Know your true Self through the practices of:
                       Resting in Heart-silent-stillness
                        Surrender/ self-surrender

#1)  This audio is the first in the series. Recorded for a live internet audience on Sunday, 5/26/13, it is 58 minutes long.  If you would like to attend the series on Sundays, it is held at 3pm Pacific time.  this link provides radio and/or instructions to enter the pal Talk room:

Here's the audio:

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#2) This audio was recorded to an internet audience on 6/9/13 and is the 2nd in the series on: self-Surrender

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