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The Brain Tumor Chronicles

12) Hello Dear Friends!

I was back to teaching on Sunday 1-26-2014 for the 13 installment of “The Brain Tumor Chronicles,  and after a 6 week sabbatical  I had a lot of Holy Spirit Inspired teachings and practices that I am excited to share with you.  I know that many friends are going through not only illnesses but many things in your lives and these practices may be truly helpful.   Enjoy the FREE audio below: 

Learning to live Above our present circumstances can be easily done is we look at our thoughts.  My Inner Teacher said, and I love this: 

Start at the present moment—accepting things exactly as they are—and search for My way in the midst of those circumstances."

"I have given you an amazing gift—the freedom to choose. You may choose to think about anything you wish. I am asking that you choose to think about Me [God, Holy Spirit, Jesus, wisdom, LOVE]." – 

I love the idea that free will is about choosing what we want to think.

I was also guided to an amazing prayer practice called “welcoming prayer” that I had used often to actually relieve physical pain in the middle of the night. 

Rest – Welcome- Surrender [let go]

"Instead of letting problems discourage you, use them as reminders to seek Me..." -Jesus Today by Sarah Young.

This is great advice; let all discomfort be an opportunity to return to the heart.

Much Love to you my friends! 


11) Here is the 12th installment of the Brain Tumor Chronicles recorded on Sunday 10/20/13 On Rest and Surrender:
 And here is a blog post if you would like to read it:


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10)  Here is the the 11th installment of the the "Brain Tumor Chronicles recorded on Sunday 10/6/2013. Lots of laughing and fun in this one.  Enjoy~

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9) If you have  been listening to the “Brain Tumor Chronicles” here is #10 recorded on Sunday 9/29/2013.
     In this one, after reading about several spiritual sages who died of various illnesses I became intrigued – wanting to understand more.   It has always been obvious to me that no matter whether one is “cured” or not of a disease, every single one of us will eventually drop this body.
                        So in this audio I feel that my Inner Teacher clarified my understanding somewhat on death, dying, illness and how to take focus off of all that. 


8)In this 9th installment of “The Brain Tumor Chronicles” more on practice came through and really how to get to know the True Self. 


7)Here is #8 installment of my series on “The Brain Tumor Chronicles”.  Again the theme Holy Spirit is focused on is devotion and practice, and this one also includes some good stuff on healing relations, and we even get into sugar addiction – HA!
Thank you dear Inner Teacher for leading me and guiding me each week to deeper practice and thus…more bliss.

This is audio is also linked to a blog post if you would like to read here:

6) Hello friends, for those of you listening to “The Brain Tumor Chronicles”, here is #7 from 9/1/2013.   In this one lots came up about  Self-Abidance and aging.

As we age we experience loss and it forces us to look at the props we’ve been using to prop up the false self.  Suffering is caused when we try to cling to what we had instead of embracing what is here now.  I am enjoying the transition because I am letting it be what is – willingness to embrace the new.  I don’t know for sure but it seems that, for me anyway, going deeper into practice of Self-Abidance is why I feel expansive and happy.  So all that and more comes up in this one! Enjoy!

5) This entry is part 6 of the Brain Tumor Chronicles recorded to an internet audience  on 8/18/2013. It is about 55 min. and address "emptiness/self-surrender" and how much devoted practice can make a major difference in the quality of our lives.  Enjoy!

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4) Sunday August 11, 20133 - this entery is part 5 of the BT chronicles ;)
 Good Morning and Happy Sunday Friends!
I will be traveling to San Diego today for a big family gathering and so will not 
Be available at my regular teaching time on “Awakening Together” today.
However, on 11/13/2011 I was inspired to teach from NTI Revelation 4, and that talk remains one of my favorites because Holy Spirit spoke to me and through me in such a powerful way that day on the importance of relinquishing the false belief in separation. 

About every few months I am prompted to listen to it again, and as it happened I listened this week and realized it would be a worthy addition to the “Brain tumor chronicles” because the Belief in Separation is the Grand-daddy belief, and as we deal with that one, we relinquish all false beliefs that keep us in the muck and mire of the illusory though system and in the sorrow and suffering of the imposter self. In the link below on teachings from NTI - it is #21.

The audio is only about 30 minutes, and David may be playing it live during my session at this link to. Enjoy Today! MUCH LOVE!

3) This is part 3 of "The Brain Tumor Chronicles, recorded Sunday to a live internet audience 8-5-2013,, about 50 min.  Is this one the subject of Prayer is addressed along with the practice of awakening to your True Self.


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2) This is part 2 of :"The Brain Tumor Chronicles, recorded to a live internet audience on Sunday 7-28-13, it is about 58 min.  In this one I speak on the Spiritual practices i have been guided to of late that have been so extremely helpful. Thank you Susanne for this comment:
"Thank you for the inspiration that you are, Sheryl Moore Valentine Thank you for showing us that it IS possible to remain centered in and surrendered to God while going through what appears to be so very real. Thank you David Fishman for recording. Many blessings to you, Sheryl. I am joined with you in Silence."


On Friday, July 5, Sheryl was diagnosed with a brain tumor. On July 7, doctors operated. Now Sheryl begins the journey that follows surgery. She addressed the assembly for the first time on July 15, only one week after surgery. This audio is only 9 minutes and was recorded from someone else so enjoy it here: . Enjoy this brief audio.

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